House Extensions

Giving you more room to move

Is it time for a house extension?

As your family grows, it may start to feel like the walls of your home are closing in. While buying a larger home is one option, extending the home you already have is often a better option.

Home extensions can give you more room to breathe and prevent you going through the exhausting process of buying and selling property. Extending your home can even increase its value if you decide to downsize later in life.

The best part is that you don’t have to leave the home you love. And while you might not think your house can be extended, it’s amazing what’s possible. It’s always worth looking into before you put your much-loved home on the market.

You could consider a single-storey or second-storey extension, room extension, modular house extension and more. You may need more bathroom space, a new bedroom, a larger kitchen or extra living space.

Hyplane Constructions has spent many years doing home extension projects in Victoria. Our team is licensed, registered with the Victorian Builders Authority and fully qualified to do a high-quality job. We also have strong partnerships with reliable local suppliers who help us bring dreams to life, including architects and interior designers.

Our extension work is so seamless that you’d never know it was an addition. And we use only the best products and materials, so the end result will still look great in years to come.

Check out our gallery of past extensions and contact us to discuss your needs.

House Extension Services

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“Our Philosophy is Simple.

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Custom house extensions

While a simple renovation may involve painting walls, updating furniture and installing new cabinetry, an extension goes further to increase the amount of space with new framing and walls.

Here are some tips to consider when you decide on a house extension.

Budget and cost transparency

An extension can easily get out of hand and blow your budget if it’s not managed correctly. We avoid this with great planning up front and a budget that considers all the costs, especially the small ones. Then we source products and materials that will give you a stunning result while meeting your budget.

Our superior project management skills will also ensure the time frame doesn’t blow out – as delays cost money in construction.

Respect for existing style

Whether you have a heritage home, modern aesthetic or unique character home, our extensions will respect and integrate seamlessly with your current style.

If your home is from a specific era, we’ll source matching materials to preserve the integrity of your style and build an extension that looks like it was always there. Your input will be essential through this process, as you’ll know where you’d like to change the style and where you’d like to preserve it.

Second-storey additions

Many smaller homes are built close together, so there isn’t room to extend out. Others are built on slopes that make an extension less feasible. But have you considered extending up?

Building a second-storey extension can double the size of your home, providing room for more bedrooms, a self-contained apartment or an entertainment area. Perhaps even a retreat for the parents!

While this extension requires more planning, council approvals and engineering requirements, it’s an amazing way to give your home a second life.

To keep your family comfortable, it’s worth considering a split system air conditioner installation for heating and cooling throughout the year. Split systems can be added to any room in your home and are a cost effective temperature control method.

Getting the best help

An extension is a big undertaking, so you want to hire a great team that can make it happen. When you engage Hyplane Constructions, you get a highly qualified and experienced local team on your side. We love nothing more than helping clients bring their dream to life, working with them from the planning stage through to completion.

We also partner with talented tradespeople and suppliers, who are as passionate as we are, including painters, carpenters, tilers, electricians and plasterers. So you can trust that your team will work hard to ensure your home extension project runs smoothly, on time and to budget.

Working with you

We believe that you are central to any house extension project. We need our clients to be involved to ensure we give them a space that has exactly what they need, and nothing they don’t.

Therefore, we stay in contact with you all through the project – through consultation, design, construction and completion – and get your input on all materials, fixtures and fittings, and layout changes. We bring the expertise but you’ll end up with a home extension that you feel like you built yourself.


Custom House Extension Specialists

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Extension design

Before we can begin, we need a comprehensive design process to understand exactly what you need and how your extension will work. We partner with your architects where needed to bring you something entirely functional, amazing to look at and high quality.

Extensions on older homes

Victoria is filled with gorgeous historical homes with heritage features, including Victorian terraces and Federation cottages. We work hard to respect these original features and build an extension that only adds more elegance to these structures.

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Permits and inspections

Home extensions need to comply with a range of laws and codes. We’ll assess what permits and planning approvals you need and work with council on your behalf. We’ll also make sure necessary inspections take place to ensure the new structure meets safety and compliance requirements.