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Creating a stylish fence for your home

Does your fencing make a statement?

When you’re building or renovating your home, the fence is often an afterthought. Yet it’s the first thing someone sees when they visit your property. So your fence should be as well considered as the rest of your house. Fence builders can build you a fence from wood, steel or bricks which will transform your property.

Times have changed in fence design. No longer do you have to choose between grey timber palings or a cyclone fence. Your fence can be as bespoke and stylish as your house. But, as well as looking great, your fence needs to meet your needs.

Do you need to keep large dogs or small children inside? If so, you might choose a high timber feature fence. If you value your privacy, you might install panels or Colorbond fencing. If you’re proud of your garden, you might prefer a cute white picket fence that borders and complements your landscaping.

Or you could get creative and have us create a unique, bespoke design that differentiates itself in your neighbourhood.

At Hyplane Constructions, we take the time to find out who you are and what you need from your fencing. We can then advise you on materials and styles that you’ll love. We will also help you with council regulations and keep you updated throughout the project.

And we don’t just do feature fencing; we have many years of experience in designing and installing retaining walls, acoustic barriers and garden fencing in a range of durable materials: steel, cypress, pine, brushwood, and brick.

We don’t forget about the gates either! When your fence needs to be secure, we can install automatic sliding gates with locking systems and intercom systems.  

Check out our gallery for examples of our fencing projects and contact us to discuss your project.

Feature Fencing Services

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Feature fencing

Your fence shouldn’t be the last consideration in your house design. These days, there are so many styles and colours that you can design a fence that’s all your own. Combine colours and materials to create something eye-catching that you’ll love for years to come.

Here are some tips to consider when you’re considering a new fence.

A range of materials

It’s amazing how many choices are available for fencing now, including solid timber, PVC, steel, panels and Colorbond. We can build a creatively designed fence or fence extensions which gives your backyard a stylish look, while still being functional.

Timber fencing

While there are many options for fencing material, it’s hard to go past a timber fence. There are many styles, including paling, colonial, lapped and capped fencing. All can be painted and treated for a pleasing aesthetic and long-lasting durability.

We can also include special features, such as horizontal palings, a mix of materials and other additions to create a bespoke fence that will get attention. And you can make the fence any height you choose from a low border to a 2.5-metre high privacy wall.

Security fences and gates

If you need a fence that prioritises security, you probably need steel or brick with stronger security features than your typical front gate. You might even need spikes to prevent unauthorised people accessing the property.

We’ll discuss all your security needs to determine what features to include in your security fence and gate, including remote opening and closing, cameras and intercom systems. These fences can be powder-coated to give the property a consistent style.

Custom Fence Builders And Installers

picket fence builders

Picket fence builders

A unique white picket fence design can work seamlessly with the style of your home or it can act as a stand alone as a special feature. We can build a range of picket fences as well as installing garden gates. And we can install locks and other security to keep little ones inside and unwanted visitors out.

wood retaining wall builders

Safe retaining walls

A retaining wall is a special structure designed to prevent soil falling away and injuring people or damaging property. Some walls are made of wood, rocks or concrete. We can design solid and reliable retaining walls that also suit the aesthetic of your home. They meet all Australian standards.

brushwood fencing contractors

Brushwood fencing

Brushwood fencing can be designed to blend in with the gardens, or stand out as a gorgeous feature. The panels will show off your landscaping while keeping children safe, and vertical steel or wooden posts. All are guaranteed to meet the required regulations and pass safety inspections.