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Are you ready for your new home?

Deciding to build your luxury new home is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. You can already imagine how it will look, where everything will go and how it will feel to live in. You can hardly wait to build it. So, who do you choose to build, a boutique, custom home builder or a large building company?

Your next big decision will be choosing the right team to make your dream a reality. You need a qualified team with a lot of experience in creating high-end, custom-built beautiful homes. You need them to take the time to explain the process, find out who you are and what you need, and be as excited about your dream as you are.

That’s exactly what you get with Hyplane Constructions. We’re a local Victorian building company with many amazing builds under our belt and a genuine passion for helping clients build their forever homes.

Chris Graham and his dedicated team build all types of homes, from Federation style and Victorian terraces through to ultra-modern and eco-friendly homes. Our company is registered, licensed and a member of the Victorian Building Authority. You can read more about the team behind Hyplane Constructions here.

We also have close partnerships with reputable and reliable local suppliers and tradespeople who bring even more expertise to the job. From carpenters and engineers to interior designers and landscape gardeners, we bring Victoria’s best talent to building your dream home.

It all starts with an initial consultation so we can chat about your plans. Check out our gallery of past builds and contact us to discuss your needs.

New home construction

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“Our Philosophy is Simple.

Honesty and Integrity in Everything We Do”

Your custom-built new home

Building your dream home is one of the more complex projects you’ll undertake in your life. So it’s important to get the best advice before you set out.

Here are some tips to consider when you’re ready to build your new home.


As this is an important relationship that will last a while, we start with an initial consultation to find out more about each other and your vision for your new house. We’ll also make time to visit your block of land and see what’s possible.

Then we work together to consider your budget and other requirements to help you make a final decision about the build. We’ll walk you through the construction process to ensure you understand exactly what’s involved and how we’ll work with you the entire way. We expect to get a lot of questions, so ask them all!

Working with you

When you entrust the building your dream house to other people, it can be worrying when they go quiet, stop answering your calls and don’t ask for your opinion. We’ve had clients who’ve experienced this with other builders – and it’s not how we operate.

We strongly believe that every new home build is a partnership and we want to do this together with you. Your input on materials, fixtures, fittings and other details is vital to ensure you get the result you need. We promise to stay in constant contact throughout the project.

Quality, high-end materials throughout

Your choice of materials is key, as it will determine the look, feel and longevity of your new home. We source only the highest quality products from reputable local suppliers to create a custom, high-end product for you.

For counters, cabinets and flooring, your choice is endless – laminate, steel, Caesarstone, marble, granite, timber and more. And new materials are being created all the time. We thoroughly enjoy discovering new products and materials that haven’t been used before.

Building and planning permits

In Victoria, you need to comply with local laws and codes when building a new home. There is generally a bit of back and forth communication with your local council.

You need planning permits to use the land in a certain way and building permits to certify that the build complies with regulations. There are also inspections at various stages of the build to ensure the work complies before the next stages can begin.

It’s a complex process, but the good news is that we take care of all this for you. We assess what building and planning approvals you need for your project and liaise with council for you.

Maintaining the budget

The larger the project, the more important it is to keep a tight rein on the budget. In large projects like new home builds, budget blowouts can be common and mistakes can cost a lot of money. Hence, you need a building team that is experienced in managing complex projects where many trades, regulations and stages are involved.

At Hyplane Constructions, we pride ourselves on our ability to manage the budget to keep the build on track. We keep track of every cost, no matter how small, and give you regular budget updates throughout the project.

Custom Builders Across Victoria And The Bass Coast

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Luxury home builders

You are the key to creating an amazing design for your new home. Only with all your ideas and plans can we build the house of your dreams. So you’ll be heavily involved in the design stage, collaborating with us and the architect to bring your vision to life as your luxury home builders.

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Home builders

Your dream home doesn’t have to be the Taj Mahal to be perfect for you. We’ve built many homes with fresh, modern looks to more traditional designs with a high-end feel. Finding the right layout is essential for new home builds to create ample space to live in with all the amenities you will want.

Eco-friendly homes

As eco-friendly homes become more popular, we’re building more sustainable housing. This includes efficient design; energy and water efficient features; biodegradable and recyclable materials; solar power; and other methods. You can add any of these features to your new home.