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Creating gorgeous outdoor rooms

Does your home need a deck or patio?

Australians are lucky to be able to spend so much of the year outdoors, making the most of our great backyards and amazing weather. So it’s no surprise that we lead the world in creating ‘outdoor rooms’ to enjoy it.

A beautiful deck, pergola or gazebo can transform the entire look and feel of your yard, making it feel warm and homey, and perfect for entertaining guests. Some structures are attached to the house, while others – like gazebos – are separate structures.

The hardest decision is which one to choose. A deck (or verandah or patio) is a natural extension of the back or side of your home, and more open air. While pergolas and gazebos generally have roofs, which provide varying levels of protection from the elements.

At Hyplane Constructions, we are experts in installing and building custom design decks, pergolas and gazebos across Victoria and the Bass Coast. We have strong partnerships with the best local suppliers who can help you make the most of your space.

Then our VBA licensed builders and qualified tradespeople will work hard to bring your dream to life. We source only the highest quality, durable materials from wood to composites, so you can be assured you’ll be enjoying your special space for many years to come.

Check out our gallery to see the possibilities and contact us to discuss your project.

Types Of Deck Installations

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Deck and pergola design and build

Are you dreaming of a pergola to hold a party or a deck for dinner? Or perhaps a gazebo for a cute garden wedding? No matter what structure you imagine to brighten up your backyard, we can custom design and build it for you.

Here are some tips to consider when building a deck, pergola or gazebo.

Pergola versus gazebo

The terms pergola and gazebo are often used interchangeably, but there are important differences. A pergola generally has pillars to support it and a flat roof, which may be latticed to enable plants and vines to climb it. It may cover a garden or a pathway.

In contrast, a gazebo has a full roof for complete protection, which is arched rather than flat. It tends to have space for seating, or even bench seating as part of its construction. Our team has built plenty of both type, so we can help you decide what’s best.

A mountain of material choices

When you think of decks and pergolas, you may imagine a hardwood timber or corrugated iron structure. But there are so more materials to consider to create stunning and long-lasting products. Today we often create pergolas with Colorbond steel and decking with a composite material that looks like decking but is longer lasting.

The world is your oyster with patio flooring – tiles, polished concrete, porcelain, brick and rubber are all popular. And many decks and pergolas include roller blinds, awnings and shutters. These look great and keep the weather out, so you can use the space for longer.

Deck roofing options to suit you

When you design your dream deck for your home, you’ll need to choose the best roofing option, depending on how you’ll use the space. Some decks have no roofs, while others provide a shade cloth for a little protection.

If you want better cover and something more permanent, you can look at a steel roofing system, which will enable you to use the deck in rain. You can also add furniture, lighting, heating and fans – giving you a whole new room.

You could also have the best of both worlds with an adjustable roofing system that you can open on sunny days and close when it’s windy and raining. It all depends on your budget and your vision!

Council approvals

Every local government area has different planning and development approval processes for structures like pergolas and gazebos. Our experienced team deals with these every day, so we can advise you on whether your planned outdoor structure will need council approval.

Then we’ll organise all the paperwork to get any necessary approvals and make sure your whole project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Custom Decking, Patio and Pergola Builders

deck contractors for composite deck installation

Composite decking

If you love the look of a timber deck but want something easy to clean and maintain, composite decking might be the answer. You don’t need to seal and clean composite decking regularly, as you do with wood, and it can resist rot and insect infestation. Additionally, it’s incredibly durable, so it can last up to 25 or 30 years.

steel and wood pergola builders

Steel and wooden pergolas

While timber is a classic look for a pergola, it does require regular maintenance in terms of painting and staining on a regular basis. For a more modern look, as well as durability, steel is a great option. It can be powder-coated or painted to match your aesthetic. It is also popular, as it is low maintenance and sturdy.

gazebo builders

Custom gazebo design?

A custom-designed gazebo can be a stunning feature for your backyard or garden. They come in a range of roof designs, including hip, gable, skillion, and hexagon and octagon. We can use materials that will match your house design or make it stand out with striking colours and added features, like seating and railings.