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Giving old spaces new life

Are you dreaming of a home renovation?

Over time, every home starts to look outdated or tired after many enjoyable years of family life. A lot of people consider selling at this point but, if you still love your home, there’s no need to. It may be better – and more cost effective – to renovate.

House renovation can be a small project to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, or give your living space a fresh look. Or it can be a massive project to give the entire house a facelift. It all depends on the home and how much you want to spend.

You might even want to increase the size of the home with a second storey or back-of-house extension. This is an even larger project than a simple renovation. Read more about home extensions.

If you’re happy with the size of your home, it’s time to get an experienced team together and plan out the renovation. Hyplane Constructions is a boutique builder that specialises in luxury home remodelling and renovation across Victoria.

We’ve completed a huge array of projects from bathroom remodels to double-storey extensions, and we’re known for using high-end luxury brands and the highest quality construction materials.

We are genuinely passionate about creating dream homes for our clients and only partner with local suppliers who share the same values.

Check out our gallery of past projects for inspiration and contact us to discuss your ideas.

Home Renovations

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Home remodelling and renovation

If you’re frustrated with your kitchen, tired of your bathroom, the laundry needs a reno, or ready to give your whole home a modern makeover, you’ll need a plan, a design and an experienced team to bring it all together.

Here are some hints to consider when you’re dreaming of a renovation.

Form and function

A renovation solves two major problems with old homes: they don’t work as they should and they have an out-of-date style. Both are just as important to get right.

A cute bathroom isn’t a success if you feel stressed every time you use it. Storage must be the right size, appliances must be in the right location and all the elements you need must be installed. We’ll prioritise both form and function when we design your new spaces.

Planning is key

It’s essential to spend a lot of time on the planning and design stage of your renovations, as it’s difficult to change or add elements later. Some stages need to occur in a specific order so the more you can prepare, the better.

In your initial consultation, we’ll work with you to determine what your renovation will include. We’ll discuss wall colours, carpets and tiling, curtains and other furnishing, lighting, storage and cabinetry, and countertops – among other things. Together we’ll ensure nothing is overlooked.

Building and planning approvals

In Victoria, home extensions must comply with various laws and codes, so it’s essential to have a building team that understands these complex requirements. We’ll assess what building and planning approvals you need and liaise with the local government on your behalf.

We’ll also use our extensive project management experience to ensure inspections occur on time, so all our work meets safety and compliance requirements.

Maintaining the budget

A common problem in home renovations is going over budget. The larger the project, the higher the budget blowout can be. This occurs when the building team isn’t experienced in managing complex projects where many trades, regulations and stages are involved.

At Hyplane Constructions, we pride ourselves on our ability to manage projects, and especially the budget, to keep them on track. We consider all the large and small costs and keep you updated throughout the project, so you won’t get any bill shock.

Expecting the unexpected

No matter how prepared you are, some things are just unavoidable in older houses – the problems that may be hiding under the aging floorboards, behind the cracked tiles, and in the sagging ceiling.

Water damage and electrical issues are just two common problems. If we uncover these or other issues during the project, we’ll let you know immediately and give you some options for fixing them. It’s best to keep some budget aside – just in case.

Custom Kitchen, Bathroom, Home Renovations

Older home renovation

In Victoria, there are many historical terraces and Federation cottages with original features. We enjoy restoring these homes to their former glory with a renovation that respects the original features, while giving the home more functionality with modern appliances and cabinetry.

small house renovations

Small home renovation

Having a smaller home doesn’t mean you can’t do a stunning luxury makeover. A more modern colour palette, better floor layout and new fittings will make you fall in love with your home all over again. If it’s an older brick home, you can even transform it with an external wall render and landscaped garden.

Sunroom extension renovation

If your home is feeling small and you love the look of the outdoors coming in, why not consider a sunroom extension? An sunroom can be easily added onto and even increase the value of your home. We can replace give your house a fresh new look so it won’t look like the same house.