Bathroom Renovations

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Dreaming of a luxurious bathroom?

The bathroom is the most commonly renovated room in the house. It’s a room we use several times a day, but don’t give much thought to until it looks tired and out of date.

Over time, fixtures and fittings stop working, shower screens get marked or cracked, and tiles become outdated. Perhaps you need more storage, as your family has grown over the years. Or your bathroom needs a new design to suit the needs of a larger family.

Whether you need small changes or a complete redesign, there are so many gorgeous, luxe products on the market now that it’s hard not to get excited thinking about the possibilities for your bathroom.

Hyplane Constructions is a highly experienced, boutique building company in Victoria that specialises in extending, renovating and remodelling bathrooms. We source only the highest quality products, and we love discovering new textures, colours and materials that haven’t been used before.

We work with a pool of expert, reputable tradespeople to deliver inspirational renovation projects, including tilers, plumbers and carpenters. And every member of our team is fully licensed and registered, so you can rest easy that you’re getting expert help.

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Bathroom Renovation Services

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Bathroom renovation and redesign

You may dream of a bathroom filled with gorgeous finishes that are also durable enough stand the test of time, like porcelain, terrazzo and even solid timber. To bring your dream to life, you need a builder with great project management skills who will watch the budget, keep the project on track and advise you on the best areas to spend money. Here are some tips to consider in your bathroom renovation or remodel.

Avoiding budget blowout

Budget blowouts are extremely common in bathroom renovations. For a small space, they can be surprisingly complex projects. Lots of trades are involved, and specific steps need to occur in order. Mistakes cost money. We are experts at managing the budget and keep the project on track. We consider all the little costs that can be overlooked and keep you updated along the way. So you won’t get any nasty surprises.

Space is everything

You don’t have much room to play with in a bathroom, so meticulous planning and creative design are crucial. You don’t want a door banging into the toilet or storage cupboards hitting shower glass. Your bathroom must be highly functional as well as beautiful. So we work with you to determine what you need your bathroom to do. If you don’t need a bath, you can save the space there. If you need hand rails, steps and other modifications for elderly residents, we can factor those into the plan.

Small changes for big impact

Bathrooms can get expensive once you start pulling out plumbing, showers and toilets. If you don’t need to change these things, you can save yourself thousands of dollars. Similarly, small changes in a bathroom can have a huge impact – giving it an entirely new look and feel for a smaller budget. You might only need to change the vanity, wall tiles, tapware and handles, and other fittings. You could improve the space by adding lighting, a heat lamp and mirrors. Consider how much you really need to change.

Expecting the unexpected

The older your home, the more likely that there are bigger problems lurking in the floors and walls that you don’t expect. It’s not uncommon for us to find water damage, pipe damage and electrical issues in older homes. It’s important not to ignore these issues – they’ll cost you more the longer you leave them. We will make sure you don’t have serious underlying issues before we start your renovation, and we’ll advise you on the best way to fix anything we find.

Custom Bathroom Renovation Specialist

Bathroom renovations

If you want to overhaul your bathroom, the possibilities are endless – from a claw-footed bath and two-person shower to a double vanity and underfloor heating. We will help you redesign the entire space to provide what you need now and for years to come. We can organise all trades and complete even the largest projects for modern bathroom renovations on time and on budget.

bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodel

If your bathroom layout still works, you can spend your budget on stunning fittings, fixtures and materials that give the space a luxurious look and feel. Consider brass tapware, a vintage mirror or marble countertops for your vanity. By focusing only on what needs updating, you can spend the budget in the right places and make an incredible impact for your bathroom remodel project!

ensuite renovations

Ensuite renovations

The smaller the space, the more creativity you need. If you want to build or renovate an ensuite, we’ll help you design the space, and source materials, colours and textures that reflect your style and personality for your ensuite renovations. This room is just for you – it’s where you start and end the day. So we take the time to get it right and create a space you’ll love being in.